ENABC (“ENABC”, “we”, or “us”) are committed to ensuring your personal data remains private. For that purpose, if we are to ask you for any personal information, it is only the minimum amount of information that allows us to perform our work.

ENABC is governed by the laws of Canada and the laws of British Columbia. We are committed to protecting personal information in alignment with British Columbia’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). Although our intended viewers are citizens of Canada, we extend our privacy policy to comply with the European Union’s Global Data Protection Regulation (REG (EU) 2016/679), or the “GDPR”. 

Further information about our privacy policy can be directed towards ENABC by emailing secretary@enabc.ca.

Changes to Policy

The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy may change from time to time. Use of the site is under the current rules at the time of visit. 

Use of Personal Information

When ENABC collects personal information from users, it is done so for the following purposes:

  1. To respond to inquiries about ENABC and ENABC membership;
  2. To maintain online “accounts” about ENABC members;
  3. To validate the BCCNM registration status of ENABC members; and
  4. To verify any information about ENABC members

When this information changes, this privacy policy will be updated accordingly. The date of the last revision of this privacy policy is located at the bottom of this document.

Personal Information Collected

The following kinds of information are collected by ENABC:

  1. Email addresses, to communicate with users of this website;
  2. Names, addresses, phone numbers, professional description, BCCNM registration number, and primary work region, as part of data collection for ENABC membership; 
  3. Correspondence information with ENABC; and
  4. Survey information, when conducted by ENABC for quality assessment or research purposes


As per Canada’s anti-spam legislation, S.C. 2010, c. 23 (“CASL”), one or more “cookies” may be placed on the local drive of your computer to track your visit when you visit our website. A cookie is a small data file that is transferred through your web browser to your local drive and can only be read by the website that placed the cookie on your local drive. It acts as an identification card and allows our website to identify you and record your passwords and preferences.

The purpose of cookies on this site is to tailor the website to better meet your needs. For example, when you log in to the website, cookies allow you to stay logged in as you navigate through the different pages of the website. Your internet browser has the functionality to accept or reject cookies, but refusal to accept cookies may make certain web pages on this site inaccessible. 

Consent to Disclose

When personal information is to be disclosed, there will be a link to this privacy policy contained within that web page. 

Unless directed by PIPA or the GDPR, we will not disclose your personal information to any third party or outside source without your consent. Circumstances in which we may disclose personal information without your consent are limited to circumstances where:

  • Disclosure of personal information is required by law;
  • There is an emergency that threatens the security of any individual;
  • The information is otherwise available from a public source; and
  • There are concerns of fraud and disclosure are required to protect this website and the personal data of other ENABC members.

At any time, you can withdraw your consent by sending an email to secretary@enabc.ca. In doing so, this will limit our ability to communicate with you and may result in the termination of ENABC membership. 


Records of membership, which may include personal information, will be kept by ENABC on appropriate digital mediums. Physical copies of personal records will not be kept by ENABC.

  • At any point, you can review any personal information we have on file by logging into the Member Profile and updating the information there. Information may also be corrected by emailing the ENABC secretary.
  • You can request if there is any other additional personal information being kept by contacting the ENABC secretary. 
  • If you terminate membership with ENABC, these records may continue to be kept for auditing purposes.

Please email secretary@enabc.ca for any further information, including the total erasure of personal data from our database. 


While this website can be viewed by anyone in the general public, this website does not target children to view the contents on this website. For this reason, we do not knowingly collect information from children online and we will assume that anyone disclosing personal information on this website is over the age of 18.


This website is accessed using 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocols to protect the security of your online order. To double-check that this is in place, ensure that the web address of this site is prefixed with “HTTPS” and not “HTTP”.  

As technologies improve, we will strive to also improve how we safeguard personal information at ENABC. However, no online data transmission is guaranteed to be 100% secure. We do our best to secure your data, but data transmission and storage are done so at your own risk. If there is a data breach event, ENABC will:

  1. Notify all individuals whose data was breached as soon as possible on learning about the event; 
  2. Investigate the nature and cause of the breach; and
  3. Take on measures to minimize the likelihood of a breach occurring again.

Updates to Document

This document was finalized on September 26, 2022.